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by Marvin Kinnison © 1982

I was walking through the world one day,
not many years ago.
In search of something that I lacked.
Just what, I did not know.

But as I walked along the path
which seemed the best to me,
ahead I saw a little house.
A tiny house indeed.

As I approached this little house,
I saw it was undone.
It had not finished being built.
Some parts were not put on.

I wondered at this little house,
no larger than one room.
And why it had been built at all,
to end in such a gloom.

And as I stood upon the path
and wondered more and more,
I heard a voice instructing me
to open up the door.

To go inside. To look around.
The wonders to behold.
To learn just what it is, this house.
to go in and be bold.

I went inside and shut the door.
And knew that I had found
the answer to the thing I'd lacked.
My heart, with joy, did bound.

For the room that I was standing in
was larger than the house.
And many doors, from this room,
led to others in the house.

I tried them all. One at a time.
And in each room I saw
a hundred doors, and in each room
I stood in beauty... Awed!

For every room was full. Complete.
With nothing left undone.
And perfect peace lit every room
more brilliant than the sun.

And though the house, viewed from without,
appears so very small.
And not quite done to others' eyes,
to those within it's all.

For it was built without the hands.
The Son of God did say
"The mansions in my Fathers house are many"

The many rooms are 'one', you see.
And CHRIST Himself, the house.
Already done, and soon to be,
when all become HIS spouse.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.