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Wonderful Peace At Christmas

by Tracy A Andrews © 2019

"Peace on earth," you see everywhere at Christmas time,
Seeing cards with snow, sleigh rides and church bells that chime.
World peace, relationships, or healthy self esteem,
A quick glance around will tell you this is just a dream.

World peace won't happen until selfishness departs,
And an attitude of caring, in it's place, starts.
Relationships are hard and they need heaps of care,
They need commitment and a compassion you share.

Peace of mind just can't happen without forgiveness,
And without it, our lives would end up a real mess.
Human efforts can't rescue this world, it would seem,
Not even if you had the best Mastermind team.

Romans 16:20 tells what gives final peace,
God crushes satan, and all war and pain will cease.
Yeshua is King and His reign will never end,
The world is transformed as God's love and peace transcend.

Until then, Yeshua gave us a comforter,
He will teach and guide us, God will leave us, never.
Yeshua gives us His Spirit as we give Him our heart,
A heart of love and peace of mind, He does impart.

As we give Him our past and replace it with His truth,
His Word will heal our brokenness, and our hearts soothe.
With a heart of thanksgiving, our peace will increase,
Messiah is the giver of our Christmas peace.

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