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by Royston © 2019

Light, uncreated, shining upon the earth,
born within the stable by virgin birth.
Light, immortal, descending from above,
embracing the world with God's perfect love.

Light, resplendent, illuminating the way.
Dispelling the darkness and brightening the day.
Light, inextinguishable, even in death
Crying 'Father forgive' with His dying breath.

Light, indestructible, bursting from the grave.
Rising victorious His loved ones to save.
Light, all glorious, ascending on high.
Hidden from sight by the clouds in the sky.

Light, everlasting, will appear again,
with His great glory and angelic train.
Light, eternal, forever blazing on
when all earth’s light has darkened and gone.

This poem was a finalist in the November 2019 poetry contest

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