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The Day after Christmas

by A Janeen Quillman

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house
The kids were all stirring both Mom and her spouse.
All the stockings were down and the chimney was bare.
It looked like a party had taken place there.
The tots were busy playing with toys on their beds
While visions of bills danced in Mom’s and Dad’s heads.
The children were happy as they thought there had been
A red-suited elf that brought presents to them.
They heard he was jolly and with toys in his sleigh,
He came down their chimney before Christmas day.
It’s sad that these little ones had never been told
The truth about Christmas, God’s gift long ago.
That God sent a Savior to all men on earth
And this was the day we celebrate His birth,
That they could have Jesus in their hearts every day,
His love to be with them as they sleep and play.
But this day after Christmas as in years before
God’s love, like a gift, lay unwrapped on the floor.
Among all the trappings of a long Christmas bash
Covered with wrappings it was thrown in the trash.
And there God was hoping to see each little face
Filled with the wonder of Jesus’ saving grace.
But God is long suffering and willing to wait
Another whole year or as long as it takes
For the truth about Christmas to come shining through,
His gift of a Savior for me and for you.

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