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When Lions We Face

by Bob Peterson

In the land of Persia, a long time ago,
Darius was king, as you probably know.
He had many servants there at his command
But Daniel was clearly the wisest of the land.

The Lord was with Daniel in all that he'd do.
For he trusted in God staying faithful and true.
As a king's adviser, he was simply the best
Getting Daniel promoted above all the rest.

But other officials resented his rise
They looked for a scheme to bring Daniel's demise.
Those nasty officials stated sneaking around,
Spying on Daniel for faults to be found.

But their spying and prying found in Daniel no vice.
For he never did wrong and was always so nice.
"It's not fare", They complained, "How can we find a slight,
When you dealing with someone always trying to do right?"

So, with no sign of theft, corruption, or fraud,
They decided to attack Daniel's worship of God.
They learned that he always prayed three times a day.
Then came up with a scheme and planned just what to say.

To the king they went saying, "Oh, king live forever,
You are so great, so strong, and so clever.
We have an idea we all think you should do.
Make a law saying, 'All prayers go to you.'

If your law be ignored, should anyone dare,
Then it's to the lions' den and throw them in there!"
The king was flattered and fooled by their charm.
He quickly agreed thinking, "Sure, what's the harm?"

Daniel knew when he heard what the law had to say,
He might visit the lions if he continued to pray.
But the Lord was his God and in Him he would trust.
And praying to God, was to Daniel a must.

Now those rotten officials knew when Daniel prayed.
So, they went to his house, their trap carefully laid.
They waited `till Daniel went down on his knees.
Then they burst through his door just as quick as you please.

"Ah ha" they all cried, "We've got you at last.
Your time on this earth is running out fast.
To the king you will go then to the lion's den.
We'll tie you up tight then throw you right in."

The king tried to save Daniel, but the law was the law.
And look as he may, no answer he saw.
"May your god keep you safe." to Daniel he cried.
Then he ordered his men to throw Daniel inside.

Did Daniel wonder a bit if his prayers had been heard,
As he stood by the pit and the king gave the word?
Did he battle with fear, his knees wobbling some,
Or think, "Look out lions, ready or not here I come?!"

Daniel dropped straight down to the hard, rocky ground.
There with hungry lions all standing around.
The lion's attack, is what Daniel expected.
But instead, they just sat there looking rather dejected.

For an angel was there, who shut their mouths tight,
And kept them from Daniel. Not one little bite.
With their stomachs all growling, they all turned away.
And left Daniel alone, as he knelt down to pray.

The king came in the morning, at dawn's early light.
To find out if Daniel had lived through the night.
"Oh, Daniel" he cried, with fear and alarm.
"Did your god keep you safe? Did He keep you from harm?"

"Oh, king live forever." Daniel replied,
"My God sent an angel to stay by my side.
Safe and secure, I've been all night long.
God kept me from injury, damage, or wrong."

"Bring him up!" Cried the king, "Quickly I say,
The night was a fright, but it's a glorious day.
For the other officials, who conceived of this plot,
Bring them all here and throw in the whole lot."

The king made an order, that God should be praised.
His deeds be made known and His glory be raised.
Daniel was rewarded and his enemies removed.
Being faithful in trial, his life was improved.

Following God is always the best.
For He knows what is true and in Him we are blessed.
But it's not always easy and not always fun.
Sometimes the right path is a difficult one.

Walking with the Lord may come at a cost.
Some things that we want may have to be lost.
But God is faithful, even when we despair.
And when lions we face, He'll stand with us there.

This poem was a finalist in the March 2022 poetry contest

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