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Accord of Three Strands

by Robert Hawkins © 2020

It is better with two than to be all alone,
since your labor combined could produce more success.
Should one fall, then the other could aid their distress;
make a better defense than could each on their own.

We were chosen to live all together as one,
since we all are a part of the body of Christ.
For a cord of three strands that are braided and spliced,
will not easily break when the pulling's begun.

If we live in the light as God is in the light,
we can share with each other a fellowship sweet.
Let us practice: confession -- forgiveness -- repeat;
being patient and gentle and kind and polite.

As your faith will help me, and my faith will help you,
I must make the allowance for how you might live.
As the Lord has forgiven, so we must forgive;
seek the best in each other in all that we do.

This poem was a finalist in the April 2020 poetry contest

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