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by Robert Hawkins © 2020

As you've been atoned to myself through my son,
I've asked you to minister grace:
make peace between me and the world​ that you face --
atone means quite simply, at one.
Restore, or atone, your relationships now!
Disputes between Christians must end!
Agree with and love -- be a like-minded friend;
splash love ​as my oceans allow.

Those working for peace are called children of God;
those causing the quarrels are not.
​There must be a wise one among you that's got
the tools to keep Christians declawed.
​What causes your quarrels? How do they begin?
You want what you cannot obtain.
You ask not so have not and flounder in vain,
and sink in your quagmire of sin.

If you enter worship, an offering to lift,
recall, then, a grudge by a friend,
just leave it -- make peace with that brother again.
'Tis then you may offer your gift.
Resentment and worry bring death to the fool,
a senseless, absurd thing to do.
The person hurt most is none other than you --
exploding with anger as fuel.

The wisdom of man keeps his anger in check;
his glory lets wrongs pass him by.
If you could remove that great log from your eye,
you might see your friend's tiny speck.
A gentle response will make angry words cease,
a sharp tongue will kindle a fire.
In all that you do, may this be your desire:
be one with the world in peace.

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