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by Ronald Ferguson

Not forsaken nor abandoned -
Not left destitute at all;
Not as orphans will He leave us,
Blindly in this world to fall.
Pathways may track desert wastelands;
Clouds obscure the light at times.
We may think our God's forgotten
When our path through heartache winds.
Frailty often wants to surface -
Shows the weakness of our trust;
We may be so fickle-minded,
But our God is always just.

Precious Saviour, ever with us,
Graces every path we take.
Christ, the unseen Friend draws closer;
Never, never, will forsake.
How He sweetly cares for me when
I need Him to comfort me!
How He kindly opens doorways -
Shows me what I could not see.
Ministers His sweet compassion,
Showing He is merciful;
Comforts me with peace sustaining
That through hurt, is wonderful.

How He loves us every moment!
Blesses us with gifts so sweet.
How He takes the seized-up heart strings -
Makes them vibrate to His beat.
How He gently lifts the burdened
When the heat of trial is fierce.
Soothes the hurting and the wounded;
Those who know sharp lances pierce.
In God's timing all is perfect -
He will give us victory.
He will overcome oppressors
As He has through history.

Mighty God who rules the nations,
Who controls the world's affairs;
God, who upholds all creation,
Watches o'er His children's cares.
How He loves me with compassion;
With a tender Shepherd's love.
Comforter - He tarries with us,
Sent through love from Christ above.
Gracious Saviour, we adore Him,
In our lives the centrepiece.
You, the tender-hearted Shepherd -
Never will Your mercies cease.

God revealed His endless wisdom,
Executed perfectly.
Rescued me when hope was fading,
Carried me so tenderly.
Can I doubt Him even slightly?
What a shame if that be done!
He has gone in strength before me
To prepare a victory won.
Let us lift our hearts in worship,
Let us raise His standard high,
For He hears His children's heartaches
Hears each feeble, hurting cry.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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