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by Peter Fraser © 2021

A virus exists, of that I've no doubt, it keeps us locked down and not moving about.
It's catchy and nasty; even closes our schools, so we're all wearing masks, totally uncool.
China's gift to the world; it just keeps on giving, robbing people of making a living.
Look around at the effects: the jobless, the broken; the Government handouts only a token.

And because we dared ask that China explain, they boycott our exports and cause much more pain.
Communist bullies that cannot lose face, their Army is large their policies a disgrace.
A Godless system of terror and force, persecuting dissenters and Christians of course.
They plan to expand and build Military bases, and thumb their noses right in our faces.

But it's not only us, the World is affected; no nation or Country is exempt or protected.
The death tolls are high so the media reports, deserted streets and empty airports.
Our leaders close borders, shops and churches, meanwhile the elderly fall off their perches
The weakest fall victim and die without breath, while we moan about lockdown ignoring the deaths.

And all the while the media prattles, they deliver us stories of our Government's battles,
To better our lives and work in our favour, but all that leaves me with is a sour flavour.
It seems they report what they want us to hear, gathered around the TV shaking with fear;
Right where they want us and at their behest, the powers decide what we need best.

And now talk of a vaccine of contents unknown, makes me nervous right down to the bone.
The government says its the shot we must get, if we want all our "Freedom" and not be beset.
The more that they tell me it's for my own good, the more nervous I get, so that's understood.
God said to obey our government's rules, but also be wise not ignorant fools.

So what's really happening, what's the end game? Who is the enemy? Who is to blame?
Is it China, North Korea, Russia or Iran? Is the Virus a part of somebody's evil plan?
There are a lot of opinions some real crazy stuff, conspiracy theorists talking tough.
The answer is simple there's no need to stress, the Biblical prophecies clear up all the mess.

To be of the world must truly be terrible, to be at the mercy of evil unbearable;
That hatches its schemes and formulates plans; at the expense of the gun fodder known as man.
Not shy to use things like pandemics as a shield, to introduce policies to bring people to heel,
Now with the Virus an opportunity has come, to change the world system while senses are numb.

Mankind likes to fight, at war with neighbours, and yet desperate for peace, a mixture of flavours.
The term "New World Order" is commonly heard, a way to control humanity's herd,
One common threat to globally unite, under one single leader with power and might,
To crash the economy to gain more control, with one single currency a global bankroll.

Now we all know the reality of the coming end time, so I won't go to detail; no not this time.
All I am saying is watch and be wise, know your enemy's tactics so there's no surprise.
He wants the world to unite as one, and bow down to him instead of God's risen Son,
And an ignorant world that wants nothing of God will follow the leader when they get the nod.

One incident will be cause to unite the globe, perhaps a threat from a noxious microbe?
Whatever the reason, be sure it will happen, but no one knows when despite tongues a flappin'.
Perhaps an invasion from deep outer space, a staged alien threat to unite our race,
A stock market crash or another world war, anything is possible of that I am sure.

So don't be oblivious for the times are approaching, the world will get worse, evil encroaching.
Test all things you hear and try all things you see, watch for the signs told in Prophecy.
Stick to the Word and with the world do not bargain, turn your back on satanic jargon.
Watch for deception and all of its faces; stay right with the Lord and in his good Graces.

NO I do NOT believe that the Coronavirus Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast nor do I believe that this
President or that dignitary is the Antichrist and I definitely do not follow conspiracy theories as they
arise. I will admit though that watching the news and keeping an eye on world events is very
interesting these days. It really shines light on the truth of God's Word when you see the world
spiraling down to new lows and calling it progress.
What I DO (And what I believe we were all told to do) is be watchful, like in 1PET 5:8 for the weapons
of the Enemy are many and varied and deception is his specialty. It would be correct to say that
nothing would surprise me when it comes to the introduction of Satan's kingdom on Earth.

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