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What Happens Then?

by Bob Peterson

One question please Papa, I'm needing to know
Before the lights go off once again.
When somebody dies, tell me where do they go?
Papa, tell me, what happens then?

Smiling I said, "You're stalling my dear,
But I'll answer your question for you.
When it's our turn to die we have nothing to fear,
And the Bible tells us it's true.

If we truly have given to Jesus our heart.
In Him, our lives are set free.
So, when the time comes for us to depart
It's with Him that we will then be.

And there will be Jesus with arms open wide,
Welcoming us with a smile.
There's nothing from Him that we'll need to hide.
He's been there with us all the while.

The Bible tells us a trumpet will sound,
And all in Christ Jesus will rise.
There'll be smiles on our faces as we leave the ground,
Seeing heaven there with our own eyes.

And along with the trumpet, our voices will ring,
As a new song will spring from our soul.
Sweet and powerful, the song that we sing.
Filling our joy over full.

And we will all change as we sing out our song.
In the blink of an eye, it will be.
Into God's perfection, that He planned all along,
We'll be whole, beautiful, and free.

The lame will dance, the blind see the light.
The deaf hear the trumpet call ringing.
The old become young, the weak gain new might,
As we bask in the angels' sweet singing.

No wrinkle or blemish, the scares all erased.
Whole inside and out, truly clean.
Forgotten the fears and worries we faced.
Nothing but joy to be seen.

Around us will be every nation and race.
All gathered before His throne.
With the same look of wonder upon every face,
And peace as has never been known.

We can run with the angels. We can dance for the joy.
We'll see old friends and meet many new.
We'll find there a happiness none can destroy.
And a peace that is full, fresh, and true.

But greatest of all, we will be by God's side.
The source of all joy, love, and light.
There in His presence we will abide.
And live in eternal delight.

So, rest now my child, you've nothing to fear.
For your future in Christ is secure.
And until that time, He will care for you here.
His promise is safe and sure.

When Jesus appears at the last trumpet call,
Or the time comes for us to depart.
It truly won't be our finish at all.
For us it will just be the start.

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