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by Peter Fraser © 2000

Tied and tried they led him away,
From the Kangaroo Courts of the powers,
Handed over to heathens, bored and cruel.
The scourge on his body was applied to flay,
He was bashed and made sport of for hours.
Dressed in purple, thought of a fool.

The thorny crown stuck to his crimson brow,
His blood and sweat pooled in the dust,
Yet still they beat and bruised him for fun.
His flesh feels the torment, but his Spirit wont bow,
As each blow lands his breath explodes in a gust,
He will persevere and overcome. For he is God's son.

On the road, through the crowds who curse and spit,
His ruined body cannot maintain the pace,
To the ground he collapses under the weight of the wood.
With the whips of the guards, he is lashed and hit,
A stranger takes the cross under threat of the mace,
Jesus's fate was predestined and in his soul, understood.

On the hill of the skull they ripped off his clothes,
And threw him bodily to the hard cold ground,
They hammered rusty spikes through his wrists and feet.
As he hung between thieves, hecklers gathered in droves,
In agony, every muscle strung out, every nerve ending wound,
Naked and weakened. His Father soon to greet.

Satan and his horde looked on with mirth,
The soldiers cast lots and played games,
As the sky darkened, grieving followers cried.
Vinegar was all on offer to him to quench a dying thirst,
Even as he shouted his last they still blasphemed his name,
But with suffering done, Man's debt fully paid, Jesus died.

On the third day he rose with death and Hell's keys,
The Serpent once great, was now helpless,
He rose up to glory in control of Man's fate.
Note the Lord's sacrifice and upon his gift seize,
Live your life clean and meet Jesus spotless,
Model yourself by Jesus, choose the narrow gate.

Never underestimate the enormity of Jesus's sacrifice. Although he had the Spirit of God, his was the body of a man like yours and mine, which felt pain like yours and mine. The pretty pictures you see of him on the cross don't show the black and swollen eyes, skin and muscle tissue ripped and hanging off him and they never detail the fact that he was crucified naked. Civil rights were not an issue in Jesus's day, once found guilty and sentenced you became a means of entertainment for bored troops. The next time that backsliding comes into our minds, we must remember this once only sacrifice and think twice before we trample on the Son of God's body.

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