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To the True Nurse

by Amy Carmichael © 1933

GOD's own true nurse is she who knows
"By constant watching wise"
Just where the scalding current flows
That, hid from casual eyes,
Make life an arid wilderness;
Then does the true nurse bless.

For she, without the noise of words
Most lovingly will do,
Till, like the song of happy birds,
The joy of ease pours through
That which was arid wilderness--
So does the true nurse bless.

And when the spirit drifts afraid
To strange and unknown lands,
Then does the true nurse, undismayed
(Her dear love understands),
Follow and comfort and caress--
So does the true nurse bless.

O nurse, God-given, your ministry
Is something all divine;
With all you do, in all you be,
His love will intertwine
The gold threads of His gentleness--
So will His true nurse bless

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