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by Debra Boyle © 2021


There's never been a drop,
Of water on the Earth,
That wasn't formed by God,
When He first give it birth.

In creation's timing,
When God's speech made the light,
He also formed dry land,
And water to His sight.

Where did water come from?
You may question in thought;
From a far-off planet,
Or from His Heaven brought?

How could drops of water,
Contrast in every way,
From dry parched banks of dirt,
Yet still be made same day?

And how did God back then,
Atoms while creating,
joined instant—no waiting!

The answer? It's God's way,
From dust He formed and shaped,
All exists from God's hand,
God's power is so great.

Ultimate re-cycle,
Water moves ever on;
Rain falls, fills lakes, makes clouds,
It's here and then it's gone.

Huge terrains of oceans,
Hold water lake cupped hands;
Water only leaves through
Evaporation's plan.

Mixed with ocean water,
Is curious sea salt;
Without it creatures die,
And cleansing comes to halt.

Lakes hold water on land,
When sparse an oasis;
When rare we quickly care,
Water forms our basis.

Rivers carve wet freeways,
That forge into the land;
So farmers crops and plains,
And orchards take their stand.

Streams flow from mountains' store,
Of glaciers year's of snow;
Dancing through forest stands,
So flora, fauna grow.

Springs and pools make rare finds,
Surprising water source;
Of fountains rising high,
Geysers lift water forced.

Rain can save drying crops,
To be our source of food;
One downpour turns farmers'
Fears into hopeful moods.

Village people walk hours,
Empty jugs they carry;
To find a source of fill,
Their feet like a ferry.

Mixed with soil it's a paste,
For building nests and hives;
Or a mask over skin,
Sun's damage it subsides.

Listen as great falls roar,
And waves slap upon shore;
And mountain cold springs splash,
And huge thunder clouds clash.

They celebrate God's gift,
Of water on the Earth;
Precious drops that keep life,
Created at Earth's birth.

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