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by Peter Fraser

If death is upon you and a loved one dies,
Don't curse your God with angry cries,
Don't turn away from his comfort and peace,
Don't let your devotion and fellowship cease.

When discord seems to plague your life,
Don't break down and blame God for all your strife,
Don't fall in the trap of unbelief,
Don't look to the world for prompt relief.

If your Children stray off and seek worldly joys,
Don't criticize God for your bad Girls or Boys,
Don't look somewhere else to pin the blame,
Don't hide from the truth to cover the shame.

At those times when you just cant make ends meet,
Don't go before God and like a Sheep, bleat,
Don't disregard changing your ways to succeed,
Don't forget that the Lord knows of your need.

Is sickness the bane of your life and being,
Don't condemn God for not caring or seeing,
Don't wallow in pity for the ills of your tissue,
Don't make your ailments your life's central issue.

If you're feeling the pinch as a victim of crime,
Don't blame the Lord God for this sign of the time,
Don't seal yourself up and hide from humanity,
Don't harden your heart and threaten your sanity.

Remember that God stands beside you through all,
He stands when you stand and he stands when you fall,
You're never alone through terror or trial,
His love is your fuel for that extra mile.

So lift up your voice and sing the Lord's praise,
And know that he's with you all of your days,
Though times can get tough, hold on to belief,
And the Lord's wrath wont come upon you as a thief.

It is an important part of our walk that we maintain faithfulness to God. Being faithful to God includes having faith both during the good and the bad events of our lives. As small Children turn to Parents for comfort when they are hurting, so it should be with us to our Father. He is always there for us when we need comfort so don't lose hope in adversity, but take your pain to your Father in faith and he will provide comfort.

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