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by Peter Fraser

Children dying with tears in their eyes,
Starvation and filth are Satan's disguise.
His short time of rule is drawing near,
The way of the world is constant fear.

Our youth using crime to rule the night,
Lawlessness and vice, the Deceivers delight.
The populace shivers with nowhere to hide,
The way of the world is stubborn pride.

The elderly living in squalor and slums,
Despair and distrust are the Enemies guns.
Our social strata is based on neglect,
The way of the world is disrespect.

Parents who's children can have a free reign,
Laziness and sloth are the Serpents domain.
Discipline's crumbling and order's gone hence,
The way of the world is indifference.

World leaders who bleed their countries dry,
Greed is the apple of Lucifer's eye.
So many who strive for the biggest slice,
The way of the world is avarice.

Scientific advances for comfort and joy,
Modern technology is the Devil's toy.
We move further away from God's plan for his nations,
The way of the world is segregation.

Evolution is taught in our uni's and schools,
Falsities and lies are the Dark Prince's tools.
We explain away our sickness and schism,
The way of the world is humanism.

But now some good news, we need it I think,
After being oppressed by society's stink.
Jesus is coming in not days but hours,
To the Lord goes the victory, eternity is ours.

Satan, with the assistance of spiritually blind mankind, has created the unfortunate circumstances all men have to live in while on this world. Pick up a newspaper and the proof of our sad state of affairs is right under our noses. But despair not saints, for Jesus said that all these things must occur before the end of time. With this in mind, knowing that the time of the Lord is upon us, we should try harder than ever to clean out our houses, so the Lord will enter and sup with us and not pass us by.

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