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by Peter Fraser

In the valley of death in the spirit I saw,
The bones of an Army, a million or more.
Sun bleached and white, as dry as can be,
As I passed through the middle, no life could I see.

I wondered how such a great Army was beaten,
Why did they let their strength and faith weaken.
Slain and disgraced they lay on the ground,
Cut off and dried out with no hope to be found.

But the Lord in his mercy will cause them to live,
Sinew, flesh and skin he will give.
And then they will know that he is their Lord,
The truth of his Word, the touch of his sword.

And God through his grace, will give to them breath,
The spirit of life to overcome death.
For what good is the fire without the coals?
Why follow a plan without any goals?

As I looked on in awe the bones were re-knitted,
And the sinew, flesh and skin was re-fitted.
God breathed on them life and they stood up as one,
The will of the Lord, for his glory, was done.

God has reached down to the depth of the grave,
Giving life to the fallen, to give freedom, to save.
His Spirit will fill them to give them the call,
In his Church they will live, as God planned, one and all.

Death becomes life. The dry bones become Spirit filled warriors for the Lord. For those already in the Army, the Lord is faithful to help us up when we fall down, and forgive us when we fail. When you make the choice to follow Jesus, God reaches into the grave you were born into and forms a new creation from the old dry bones. We must ensure that we do not return to bones, once again to litter the ground. A sure way for an Army to be defeated and killed is to refuse to fight, so as God's Army gets bigger, so does the fight.

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