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by Peter Fraser

My life was a race from Morning to Night
With no time for fools with the need to do right.
Possessions and wealth were my major concern
Because you only live once was what I had learned.

I didn't have time for my families needs
It was their job to eat and my job to feed
I was provider, for their sake I laboured
The good things of life was theirs to savour.

I had no time for friends and I liked it that way
Because friends are like leeches that take hold and stay
Why share my wealth with a so called chum
The idea of friendship is futile and dumb.

I had no time for charity, why would I try?
I got fat and laughed while starving Children cried
"God helps those who help themselves" was my ideal
"So let God give" was what I said at each annual appeal.

I had no time for Church and prayers, religion was a waste
They're all deceived by doctrine. Reality had to be faced
Why would I give my hard earned cash to a cleric dressed in white?
My Sunday's were always better spent from dawn to early night.

I had no time in my life for God, he was just a story
I ran my life without his help, achieved my own glory
Where was God when I was broke? So much for loving care!
I didn't need him anyway. Did you see his laws? Boy, are they unfair.

But now I sit in eternal flame reflecting on the past
For a life of sin into this place of torment I was cast
Life was short and eternity is long, I should have changed my ways
But it's too late now and here I'll suffer the rest of my spiritual days.

Death can come upon us at any time. We have to keep ourselves clean at all times so we don't get caught with our hands in our pockets. I have nothing against being wealthy, ( in fact I dream about it every night), but allowing greed to take over our lives is to invite certain destruction. We have responsibilities to manage in our short time on this Earth. The love of money can quickly make all those responsibilities seem unimportant. God wants us to prosper but not to the point where we forsake him and our families in search of it.

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