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by Bob Peterson

Thinking back when I was young, my life was set on play.
Hide and seek, bikes and blocks took up most my day.
And when things went wrong, I'd try to stand up strong. The tears I would fight.
Then I'd head on home, cause in Momma's arms I knew it will be all right.

As I grew tall and my world got small, I thought now that I am grown,
I got to be a man, trying if I can, to stand up on my own.
But when things feel apart, I knew in my heart I'd need help to find my way.
Then Momma's voice came back clear to me, "Son, God loves you come what may.'

In my hours of darkness Momma would calm my fear.
And when it came my time to shine, Momma was there to cheer.
Even when I felt a failure, and life held little joy,
Momma would always let me know she was proud of her little boy.

Momma, oh Momma, can you hear your child's call?
Can you hear my heart say, "Thank you, thank you for it all?"
Thank you for your sweet embrace. Thank you for your prayers.
But thank you most of all for the love you showed. We know Momma always cares.

Momma, take me in your arms. Hold me tight I pray.
Let me hear your sweet and gentle voice. Won't you wipe the tears away?
Your children have all spread their wings, but no matter where they roam,
They'll head on back cause they always know wherever Momma is, that's home.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.

Book by Bob Peterson

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