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In my own might,
He pulled me aside.
A life of light,
He showed me inside.

He touched my heart,
He settled my mind.
The work of art,
Was one of a kind.

I picked up the image,
I touched up the lines.
I added new colours,
I broke the design.

I dragged it around,
I looked at it often.
I added new strokes,
To what now is a coffin.

For as I remember,
The picture He gave,
I see to my pity,
That I made it a grave.

I look with disgust,
At the mess that I made.
I sit in my misery,
Hoping it will fade.

I remember with longing,
The hope and the faith.
And as I recall,
A smile comes to my face.

Again I see Him,
Coming to me,
Bringing together,
The pieces with glee.

He closes my hands,
All wrapped in His own.
And leads me to,
My real home.

Close to Him,
Close by His side.
The only place,
I want to reside.

True joy I find,
Not in the art,
But being within,
My Fathers heart.

For He has given me,
A new name,
Written on stone,
Never the same.

Wherever on earth,
That I will tread,
My hope is stable,
Because I am lead.

Not in this life,
Is my hope found,
Nor is it buried,
Beneath the ground.

Above the heights,
He does dwell,
Mercy and grace,
From Him swell.

For long ago,
And on a tree,
My saviour took,
My sin from me.

So now on earth,
Though err I might,
It cannot fade,
His redeeming light.

For on that day,
He rose with life
And smote the one,
Who brings us strife.

He took away my sin,
And shame,
He gave the option,
For a new name.

And now he leads,
All who follow,

In His paths,
And in His light,
We will find,
A better might.

A might that though,
The day be long,
Will forever,
Keep us strong.

For He takes us,
Up with Him,
Above the world,
That looks so grim.

He shows us in,
His wisdom and power,
A perspective from,
A higher bower.

A light and life,
That though we wonder,
Will not be,
Thrown asunder.

Now forever,
He will reign,
Death to triumph,
Never again.

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