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by Bob Johnson

When I was young,

time stood by my side,

like a trusted companion,

along for the ride.

We strolled through the woods,

open fields and green clover,

unaware that our friendship,

would one day be over.

And now that I'm older,

pondering the days that I've spent,

Time hounds me like a lender,

seeking funds it has lent.

No longer the companion,

whom I once held so dear,

The luster has faded,

it could not be more clear.

Though sad, I don't fret,

about this relationship gone sour,

for my life depends not,

on such things in this hour.

It is my new friend,

who found me alone on the street,

Christ Jesus my Savior,

who made life complete.

This poem was a finalist in the December 2022 poetry contest

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