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God Knows My Frame

by Deborah Ann Belka © 2017

Lord, You know my frame,
each fragile part
you know my soul
you know my heart.

To You I’m transparent,
You look right through me
no matter what I do
I know that You can see.

Lord, You know my stature,
every single detail
You know when I breathe in
You know when I exhale.

You known I’m human,
You know I’m but dust
You know my possessions
will only turn to rust.

Lord, You know my frame,
my sinful condition
it’s only by Your grace
I even have redemption!

Psalm 103:14

“For he knoweth
our frame;
he remembereth
that we are dust.”

King James Version
Public DomainRev.13.v11-16.

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