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Just Believe

by Christine Quinn © 2023

He designed me with love in the Heavens above,
and then formed me into being,
He sent me to my mother's womb,
and as I grew, He was seeing:
First words spoken; first steps taken;
and all my funny ways!
He knows everything about me,
even the number of my days!
His kingdom belongs to His little ones,
For the Bible tells us so!
Giving His angels charge over them,
as He patiently watches them grow.
Children are a gift from God.
He cares how they are raised,
for God's great gifts are bountiful,
and greatly to be praised!
He cares so much, He even knows
the number of hairs on our heads!
He takes the time to hear the prayers
of little ones by their beds!
Don't ever think He doesn't care,
or that you're on your own.
He takes great interest in our lives.
You're never all alone!
He's a lifelong friend, a Comforter,
the One who never leaves!
He's promised to be with us -
to all who just believe!

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