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The Cross

by Paul Purday

We heard the crash of nails we heard the drip of blood
We heard His cry 'I thirst,' we heard His question 'Why?'
We saw increasing clouds envelop like a flood
We saw the suffering Lamb upon the altar lie
And not till Sunday that the flower of hope would bud
For we must see it was for us He came to die.

Only for you and me, the Saviour walked this way
Only for you and me His heart unwavering loved
For we were from the night but now embrace the day
And we are still remembering and not unmoved
By grace so infinite it touched our common Clay
And gave us Life, His Life, which all His loving proved.

Yes, He, Himself, His priceless living gift to all
Arms which embraced the wondering world from east to west
Pinioned under the sky, God's glorious waterfall
Of love poured out on the prosaic dispossessed
And then forever split the temples middle wall
Entrance to heaven's land at last where all are blessed.

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