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Writer's Block...The Message1 Corinthians 3:1I'm writing plain, unembellished truth, hoping that you see the whole picture.1 Corinthians 3:1 I'm completely frustrated!
A Bible And A Red-Red Rose
I have written this poem from the experience in my own life.
I am Getting Old!
Getting old is the pits . . . but God is working out all the details!
Lemonade Lucy
Some of our nation's leaders and their families have displayed their faith and convictions while serving. Lucy Hayes, the wife of Rutherford Hayes, our 19th President, refused to serve alcohol in the White House.
Born To You
This is a poem I wrote for a young couple who will be shortly dedicating their first child. I have changed their names and the baby was a girl,so I used the child's name in the last line.
Who are you following?
Shifted and Lifted
As my focus shifted to the Lord, the burden was lifted.