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Poetry About Jesus

Name Of Jesus Engrafted
Having the name of Jesus written on your heart for eternity
The Knee Will Bow
The Bible explains that every knee will bow to Jesus, either here on earth or, too late as we stand before Him.
The Chimes And The Crosswinner of poetry contest
The message that comes from the cross for everyone.
All Lasting Lasting Allwinner of poetry contest
The word of Jesus will out last everything.
Only Jesus
Jesus is the only one who can satisfy.
Our Savior
Jesus was here
One Baby A Savior
Of all the babies that have been born into this world, only One could become it's Savior.
They Said Yes
Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the shepherds, even Jesus said "Yes". Will You?
Toasting of the Grave
I had to write a poem if I were to toast someone's grave, who would I toast, how would I toast their grave, and what would I bring.