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Poems About Heaven

The Perfect Mom (in Heaven) finalist in poetry contest
In Memoriam to my mom, Ruth, who passed away Saturday, March 15th, 2014 at 89.

The New Jerusalem finalist in poetry contest
Inspired after reading Revelation 21

Beautiful Heaven, My Home
Oh how sweet it will be over there in Heaven, my beautiful home.

Near To The Golden Shore
It will be a glorious homecoming when I step on the Golden Shore of Heaven.

I'll Fly Away Someday
I made my reservation many years ago to take my final flight someday.

Heavenly Thoughts
At times, I think about how much I miss my loved ones and friends in Heaven, and I long to see them.

Temple Treasury
What might we find in God's Holy Temple?? What is it that He prizes above all His great wealth??

Take Heart
I have been remiss in my submissions on this lovely site where my very first poem was born. Thank you for helping me grow in my writing...

Forever And Ever
The last sentence of Revelation 11:15 tells us that Christ shall reign forever and ever.

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