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Poems by louis gander

Twilight Colors Beckon Me
Every day, all of us are one day closer to meeting our Maker.
Of Sweet Joy
I traveled to see my mama today.She needed to hear what I had to say.But when I arrived, she was in deep prayer.I had some good news I wanted to share.
Live In Remembrance
Don't live for today or tomorrow. Live in such a way that your memories will be rewarding...
Redneck Love winner of poetry contest
Ever feel trapped??
Through Eternal Years winner of poetry contest
Eternity is a very long time. How will you spend it?
His Eyes winner of poetry contest
Imagine what it was like to be among the people when Jesus was sentenced to the cross.
Like Humble Cloud winner of poetry contest
Do not be deceived by what you think you know- nor brag about the things you do.
A Quiet Little Lamb winner of poetry contest
The world is a cruel place for many children. God loves all the little children and what we have done for them, we've done for Him.
Understand the Ties?
True friendships from friends, neighbors and others often bring tears- especially when we receive something that we don't deserve. These are the "ties that bind" us together...
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