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Salvation Poems

Another lesson from nature.
Sinners Wanted!
One job that is always available no matter what!
Who Will We Follow
In everything we see and all the turmoil about us, Jesus is calling.
Love Letter from God
I wrote this poem in the form of a letter from God telling people how much that he loves them and he is trying to get their attention. He wants them to invite him into their heart and(RSVP)reply so very promptly to the call of salvation.
Are Your Sins As White As Snow?
Do you have an everlasting Savior . . . are your sins as white as snow?
A Joyous Life
Excuses weren't accepted. Results were very vile. I had to stop and think a bit - and cry for quite awhile...
I Love You, Lord
My vow to the Lord . . . for better or for worse!
The Pretty Pray-er
Our Pastor teaches on Salvation and prayer. Then Pastor Scott calls our God a pretty pray-er. He prays for us! What a beautiful and comforting thought to know my God prays for me...
I Planted a Seed
And now it is a child of God!