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Faith Poetry

Restless Heart
This poem is in regards to hope and healing a restless heart.

The Names of God
I have often received much comfort for my soul while meditating upon the various names of God in Scripture. These names of God, when thoughtfully considered, can be very instructive and uplifting for any believer.

How Often Have You Come to Me
This poem was not easy for me to write. It was difficult to capture the emotions in my personal testimony.

Rest in Him
Saint Augustine once said, “Our hearts are restless till they rest in Him.” Those words inspired me to write this poem. I have also included his words in the third line of the third verse.

The Gift of Faith
These are the outworkings of faith by which we apprehend the things unseen without which it is impossible to please God and live rightly in and with Him.

Resting My Faith
This poem uses metaphors of the ocean to illustrate how we must fully trust God. Storms will constantly pass through in our lives, but we need to fix our eyes completely on Him through it all.

Cast Out
Just a poem about leaving the garden and trying to find our way back.

Faith in God

Non-Negotiable God second in poetry contest
Sometimes we try to strike a deal with God and forget that He already made us an unbeatable offer.

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