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Friendship Poems

Lean On Me
A story about a friend in need, and a friend indeed. An analogy.
My Friends
I've been the underdog for years. This is my story; how I got out.
Birthday Cookies
This is a little poem composed for a friend who bakes birthday cookies to share the message that God loves them. She inserts this message into a bag of cookies.
The Wedding!
This poem was written in remembrance of a friend from church. It talks about her being united with Christ in marriage as Christ is to the church.
Share my World
I wrote this poem when I was lonely.
To A Favoured Friend
This poem was written to honour my friend, Remita Yandev, on her birthday.
I Prayed A Prayer For You
I prayed a prayer for and old but dear friend tonight. It brought me peace.
Poet Friends
Written for my poet family of friends.
I Love Your Heart
I have a dear friend who sits next to me in church twice a week. I love her heart and when we worship Jesus together, it is the sweetest time we share. I love her heart. I miss her when I go back home, but she is my sister in Christ now.