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The Perfect Mom (in Heaven)

by louis gander

Escorted by the rising tide that I no longer see,
I don't look back to shores again I know will never be.
The garden gate has opened up and I am ushered to
the freshest, fragrant flowers with the deepest velvet hue.

The vibrant colors beckon me as I think back with ease,
recalling garden flowers there ...but nothing such as these.
Has Eden's garden multiplied a million trillion times?
The choir voices carry on as I hear echoed chimes.

No wheelchair or blindness now. No pain cuts through my face.
I take my lively buoyant steps on paths that prove His grace.
I feel just like a child again. I jump and skip and hop
as landscapes go forever here with beauty that's non-stop.

The vivid 'reds' are deeper and the 'yellows' brighter still.
The roses, and the daffodils and other flowers fill -
the contours of the garden knolls with colored trees of fall.
The sunshine brightens everything ...and now I see it all.

I glide now ever closer to an everlasting brook
meandering the lily pads that my attention took.
Every scene and every sight is pleasingly outstanding.
The peace that envelopes me now still passes understanding.

The sweetened fragrance envelopes me in this special place -
and all of Heav'n around me here reflects His shining face.
I hear His soft familiar voice that whispers in my ear,
"There's nothing here to worry you, there's nothing here to fear."

This poem was a finalist in the March 2014 poetry contest

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