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The Morning Breaks...

by ceeteeaye

"When morning breaks, the shadows flee!"
I've proved this o'er and o'er again -
The dawn enables me to see
As ghosts, the night-time things that pain.
Thus, as a frightened child, did I
Flee awesome monsters in the dark,
And woke up with a grateful sigh
To find relief in daylight stark.

As love-filled youth, I welcomed night -
In dreams, I found my Love drew near;
Dreams disappeared - dispersed by light -
I could not make them reappear.
Youth gone! Responsibility
Brought problems new to take to bed;
Sleep often came reluctantly
As thoughts disturbed my restless head.

The darkness seemed to aggravate -
The burdens, large, grew heavier;
But they resumed their actual weight
As daylight brought perspective clear.

Once more, the night-time of my fear;
Once more, the joy of fantasy;
Once more, the weight of problems rear -
When will I know real ecstasy?
The light of dawn is on its way...
The morn will break, the shadows flee,
And bring the promise of THAT day -
I want You sharing it with me.

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