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Nick's Nightime Natter

by ceeteeaye

Hey, look... it's Nick!
Who's it?
It's Nick!
What is HE doing here?
He may be sick....
Who, Nick?
Yes, Nick!
Perhaps his guards are near.
You see a trick?
No, Nick's too thick -
So there's no need to fear?

Why come at night?
Yes, that's not right!
It could be he's afraid...
He's out of sight
When there's no light...
Or - it's a trap he's laid!
Now, don't be mad...
It could be bad -
No - we're still in the shade.

You've had a fright!
Let's run!
Let's fight!
Let's go to Jesus' aid...
No wait, I say...
It seems OK...
He's at the Master's feet...
He kneels....
To pray?
It looks that way....
It all seems rather sweet.
So, will we stay?
It's safe....
No way!
Relax! And take a seat.

Be born again!
Be born again?
That's what we need to do!
Since when?
Since when?
Be born again...
The Master wants us to.
And then...
And then?
Is that the end?
No - the start of something new!

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