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Idle Hands

by John Janzen © 2017

I’m born again, with praise rejoice
For He the work has done,
And since in Him it’s all complete,
Wake me when Jesus comes

This rest within means rest without
I’ll twiddle here my thumbs
For someone must needs stand on guard
To see when Jesus comes

Before you get the strange idea
That I’m a lazy bum,
Or that in my ingratitude
I wait for Christ to come

Repeat with me the glad refrain
Which brings us to the sum
We’re saved by grace and not by works
Rest on ‘til Christ will come

I hope in my sarcastic tone
You see I’m coming from
The place where grateful followers
Will work ‘til Jesus comes

Not working now to earn a place
That Christ already won
But toiling out of thankfulness
Until His kingdom come

Don’t rest upon your laurels here
Press on to reach the goal
Not to improve what Christ has done
But prove He saved your soul

It must be asked, How is one saved?
By grace with all its perks
We’re saved to serve the One we love
With thanks expressed through works

This poem won first place for the June 2019 poetry contest

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