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A Miracle Each Morning

by Mark Henderson © 2016

The beauty of the morning
With nature not quite awake
And the trees quietly yawing
While a gentle breeze shakes
And the leaves bravely winking
In the cool morning mist
Awakes a bird to singing
A song of praise on its lips
And in the hush of first rays
A morning sun gives light
Laying to bed the cooling haze
And a greeting from the night
But the greeting not a blaze
But in the calm of first light
The Creator introduces day
In the still quiet voice of His might

But mankind slowly arises
Not aware of the sight
But thinking of all he prizes
The new day becomes a fight
And not sure what he is missing
And why his life is not right
He stumbles as though listing
In an ocean fraught with fright
Because each morning he misses
The miracles which just might
Awaken all of his senses
To his infinite Maker's insight

1 Kings 19:1-18

This poem was a finalist in the August 2016 poetry contest

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