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Psalm 40

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Oh Lord, You are so great and mighty,
While I am but a speck, so small…
And yet in my prayers You take delight;
You answer me even before I call.

My soul You've satisfied with Your love,
When for Your touch I hungered.
The thoughts You think of me, oh Lord,
Are more than can be numbered.

Out of the deepest pit You rescued me;
You've brought me up, out of the miry clay.
You set my feet upon Christ the Rock,
And established my footsteps in Your way.

Lord, You are my helper, and my deliverer;
Thank You for the wonderful things You do.
In You I rejoice, I have a new song to sing -
Words of praise and adoration for You.

Forever I put all my trust in You, Lord -
Your faithfulness is great, Your truth is tried.
Let my heart say to You, with every beat:
"Christ Jesus the Lord be magnified!"

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