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In times like these

by John Miles

There are no atheists in the trenches,
No need for heroes on park benches.
No agnostics when guns go boom,
No need for God, where flowers bloom.

But tortured souls and wounded minds
Will seek for Christ to heal and bind.
When life is smooth and free from care,
Men act as if God isn't there.

We may have lived for many a year,
No thought of God, no word of prayer.
Then sickness strikes or loved one dies,
Our sudden prayer assails the skies.

But does God hear this fickle prayer?
And does He even know or care?
It would seem just if He didn't move,
His hand to help this 'Cupboard love'.

The earnestness with which we speak,
The promises we vow to keep;
If God will only hear this day,
The urgent prayer we've come to pray.

But Jesus Christ is full of grace,
Unconditional love for our race.
The broken-hearted prayer is heard
And God will take us at our word.

If only with our motives right,
Were we allowed before God's sight,
Then no soul could ever come
To know our God and His dear Son.

God meets the sinner where he is,
And takes his burdens – makes them His.
That crisis now a blessed place,
Where God and man meet face to face.

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