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What Awaits The Saints In Glory

by Robert LaBarge

His mystery, His majesty
His might upon the throne
the thunderstorm of praises born
engulfed in Him alone
thick rolling clouds His glory shrouds
approach we on our knees
then bursting light around Him bright
across deep crystal seas

How can it be that we don't see
how awesome is that place
explosions of emotions
in the center of His grace
by faith we'll know it tells us go
approach with godly fear
to lay it down and throw our crown
such is the atmosphere

And gathered by the brilliant sky
vast army's of the Lord
with elders near who lead a cheer
The Savior be adored
gold trumpets blown the seeds are sown
fall all before our King
He's placed inside where once was pride
new songs for us to sing

We will be dressed in garments blessed
by blood shed once for us
time standing still in His great will
no need to make a fuss
and I will wait for Him to state
that righteousness prevailed
then raise a shout with those about

This poem won first place for the March 2017 poetry contest

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Book by Robert LaBarge

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