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You Took My Place

by Kayla Smith

What is the point of all of my years,
If all I ever do is cry silent tears?
What is the worth of my life of pain and suffering?
By looks of it, I would say nothing.

I miss the days when I could always feel You by my side.
I always said that if You weren't there that I would die.
I seem to feel that way constantly now,
Even when I do hear Your voice, it's not very loud.

In my life there is only rain,
No happiness, only this pain.
Satan wants me to add a new twist,
He wants me to draw bloody lines on my wrist.

Then You, my God, remind me why you came.
Your holy wrists were bloodied so mine could remain the same.
Your head was pierced by a crown of thorns.
And the whips, Your body they tore.

My sins seem so hard to erase,
But You, You, My Savior, took my place.
To follow You I must take a giant leap,
But I know that my safety and heart You'll keep.

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