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Tomorrow May Be Too Late

by Deborah Smith Plemmons

Have you ever thought to send a card or letter,
To encourage someone that they may feel better?
Do you know of a lost relative or a friend,
Who needs the Gospel so they may know their end?

Have you ever been impressed to hand out a tract,
To those with whom you come in contact?
Or are you sidetracked by the busyness of the day,
And you forget to talk to someone along the way?

Have you ever thought that you could be the only one,
To give the message of salvation to that someone?
Did you pass up an opportunity to be a witness,
And because you did, Heaven someone may miss?

When the Lord lays someone on your heart,
Don't put off another day the Gospel to impart.
Behold, today is the day of salvation-don't wait;
Because for someone, tomorrow may be too late.

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