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The finer things

by Don Sicklesteel © 2006

God allows people in our lives for various reasons,
Sometimes they come and go, just like the seasons.
There are friends whose words really make our day,
There are those who really don't have much to say,
But you have chose the finer things.

Words spoken in love seem to always have a place,
While thoughtless remarks seem to bring disgrace.
We have a choice in the words that we say,
Whether to darken or brighten someone's day,
But you have chose the finer things.

Your words of encouragement have brightened many a day,
Your Godly wisdom, love and caring always shows the way.
Your words give comfort as you share them from your heart,
It's hard to express my thanks, or even know where to start,
For you have chose the finer things.

Yes, friends may come, while other friends may go,
But, now there is one thing I'm sure I know.
My God has blessed me with such a precious friend,
I'll always cherish that honor to the very end,
For I have chose the finer things.

This poem won first place for the July 2006 poetry contest

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