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The Ministry

by Kevin Smead © 2018

I felt the call of God so strong
I desired to do His will
I prepared for ministry so long
His purpose to fulfill

I labored in the sacred cause
I made the sacrifice
I preached the gospel without pause
I tried to pay the price

I continued on for many years
To tell the world of grace
Through many turmoils, trials, and tears
I tried to keep the pace.

There were failures along the way
Sometimes I failed to trust
At other times I went astray
Some sermons were a bust

Opportunities slipped away
Circumstances were such
That very soon there was a day
I didn’t preach that much

As time went on the ministry
I felt God called me to
Was exercised less frequently
Then vanished from my view

For months I wondered aimlessly
But then one day I heard
About a special ministry
Taught often in the Word

A ministry done on one’s knees
Before the throne of grace
Kneeling there to intercede
To plead another’s case

Though no longer as a preacher
I still seek to do His will
With the Bible as my teacher
His purpose to fulfill

I now come to God beseeching
To rescue from the snare
What I could not do by preaching
I will now attempt by prayer

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