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Poems by Kevin Smead

poem count: 78 | pages: 9 | first place: 4 times | second place: 3 times | finalist: 31 times
Life from the Dead
Though we celebrate the Resurrection every week, it seems fitting that a day be set aside each year for special focus. Not only is it fitting to have a day like Easter, it seems fitting that it is in the spring when we see nature returning to life.

Confident and Assured
We can have confidence in the Word of God and the promises He has made to believers. Our confidence is not based on our performance or strength, but solely upon Christ who has won the victory for us.

A Triune Connection finalist in poetry contest
Our prayer involves all three persons of the Blessed Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Specially Designed
In the mystery of pain we stand alone in God's hand. No other case is just like ours. But God's special care for us is in more than able to meet our individual suffering. God cares for us deeply as individuals, and does not deal with us in a generic way.

Reformation Day first in poetry contest
This is a poem about the Reformation. Martin Luther was a man with many faults, but despite these many faults, he still did a mighty work in recovering many wonderful gospel truths, and getting the Bible into the hands of the common people.

All The World Will See
This is a poem based on Psalm 2. The world kicks against the truth, but the truth does not change. Christ is King, and blessed are all those who trust in Him.

All Is Not Loss finalist in poetry contest
No matter how badly marred, God can give us a new start and make us anew.

Contemplating the Cross second in poetry contest
Jesus paid a great price to save us from our sins. We can never repay Him for such a great gift. All we can do is receive it in faith and praise Him with all of our heart.

This is a poem about worldviews. There are really not many options. As Francis Schaeffer used to say, in the final analyses "there are not many people in the room." Christianity is the true worldview and is supported by both reason and Scripture