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Mary's secret

by Frankie May © 2020

December is the time of year
We celebrate this day
The birth of our redeemer
In a manger lay

Because they had know room for him
God choose to have him there
Creator of all the earth
Was He even aware?

His mother knew right from the start
What the Shepard's were told
Pondering them in her heart
His life it will unfold

He has done great things for me
He's opened up my soul
He's given me a savior
For all the world to know

He showed His love to many
In many different ways
For three years on the earth
He continued to amaze

Again there was no room for Him
They thought He was a fraud
Through unbelieve and ignorance
Their hearts were greatly flawed

The very hearts He came to change
They were to blind to see
They cursed and beat Him close to death
Then hung Him on a tree

It was there He looked in Mary's eyes
And said behold your son
You faithfully have birth to me
On that Christmas morn

From Christ child to the cross
A sword has pierced her soul
She knew this day was coming
When He would make us whole

We celebrate this Christmas
Because of what He gave
His gift of life and love for us
An open empty grave

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