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When The Fulness Of Time Was Come

by Edward Nickerson

In the fullness of time, Micah learned of this story,
The God up in heaven would come down from glory.
A great gift from heaven, little baby tis born,
The promised of ages, of David's family a horn.
Conceived of a virgin, and Mary her name,
Mary, mother of Jesus, her now claim to fame.
Espoused then to Joseph, before they were married,
His world torn apart, for a baby she carried.
Yet an angel spoke truth, don't put her away,
For His name will be Jesus, and we know that today.

In the fullness of time, Joseph took her to wife,
No matter the struggle, no matter the strife.
For an angel would tell them take the baby away,
Remain there in Egypt till that very day.
For Herod grand plan, destroy the young child,
As a tender young plant, grow up all the while.
And just as was planed in just about four years,
Returning to Nazareth, Herod's son they feared.
An Israelite indeed, a Nazarene now by name,
As Matthew described, His new claim to fame.

In the fullness of time, wise men followed a star,
They travelled for days, they came from afar.
The little town Bethlehem, the wonder to see.
Being born in a manger, as plain as could be.
Call His name Jesus, Son of God now came down,
No room in the Inn, wrapped in rags for a gown.
The most humble of births, as shown by the star,
Great joy at their findings, spread good news afar.
The Messiah, Emmanuel, God with us they say,
Not just any new baby asleep on the hay!
A root out of Jesse, for an ensign of hope,
A haven for Gentiles, his rest helps us cope.

In the fullness of time, God in low manger lay,
A miracle back then, yet a blessing they say.
A Son was then given, a known Savior today,
The little Lord Jesus asleep on some hay.
Yet, a lion of Judah, the great king of kings,
Lift our voice in a song, our hearts gladly ring.
He an offering for sin, an everlasting light,
As lights shine at Christmas, igniting the night.
In the fullness of time, may we make a sure start,
Open our life, the day star arise in our hearts.

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