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The closest friend

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

How incomprehensible a mystery -
To have God's Holy Spirit living in me!
Like a sudden gust of wind He came,
And ignited in me a holy flame.
He set my heart on fire for the living God;
Now Christ is my Master, the world is not.
No longer do I desire money, or fame;
Only to bring glory to Jesus' name.
In the midst of a world, so full of noise,
I can always hear His gentle voice.
He speaks of love, and divine forgiveness.
He gives me peace, and inner witness.
The Spirit reminds me of Jesus' Word,
And comforts me whenever I hurt.
Softly He whispers in my ear;
Reassuring me that my God is near.
He fills me to the brim with creativity;
The desire to share Christ through poetry.
Daily He strengthens me, deep in my soul;
Healing old wounds, making me whole.
The Holy Spirit is truly my closest friend;
God's gift to me, world without end.
Sometimes I wonder, just how it can be -
I am in Jesus, and Jesus is in me!

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