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Spring has Sprung

by John Janzen © 2019

The Summer season filled with ease
I did those things myself to please
The days were long and life was too
Suppose I never thought it through

I took all things as they would come
Not thinking, “Where did this come from?”
How splendid little thought I gave
To end of life, to death and grave

Just kicking back, enjoying life
I got a car, a house, a wife
The kids are grown and moved away
While silence settled in to stay

Replete with time I now reflect
This restlessness I can’t neglect
Consider, ponder, fathom all
The Summer spent has turned to Fall

It seems most days I wear a frown
Fall’s colored leaves have turned to brown
Distinctive chills move through the air
That seem to catch me everywhere

I recognize there’s no escape
From Winter’s glare, his cloak, his cape
With which he shades the works of man
To thwart the very best laid plan

New sights appear before my eyes
Reality of my demise
All that I’ve gained can’t fill the hole
Inside my grasping, striving soul

The anxious hours as winter thaws
The Spirit on my conscience gnaws
The solid ice is breaking through
I’ve heard some news I never knew

That Jesus came to set those free
Forgive and cleanse those who believe
And can it be that I have gained
An interest in what was explained

This Winter grip has lost some strength
And in my heart, I know at length
These truths have lit a fire in me
That sparks some hope of being free

These hopes begin to gather steam
I dared to trust and like a dream
Almost before I know it’s done
I’m born again and Spring has sprung!

The lies I once had held so dear
Could not alleviate my fear
I found the Gospel message true
And all that once was old is new

In seasons past and to this day
My gracious God has made a way
To show Himself in everything
An endless, budding, living Spring

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