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A Christmas Thought

by Robert Deimel © 2017

The memories of Christmas past,
of music, friendships sworn to last;
Of stories, presents, songs and rhymes,
and hopeful thoughts of future times --

These all conspire to contradict
the seeming lack of Christmas script;
the absent smiles, the hectic pace,
The angst of now forgotten grace.

They linger in my memory --
A vague remembrance of the mirth;
But mirth with depth, and faithful friends
Whose love portrayed their priceless worth.

Those memories of Christmas past
Were always filled with lights and sounds
Of music, joy, and images
of Christ whose grace could know no bounds.

But now it seems that these are gone:
heartfelt prayers of real concern,
Scents and colors of the trees,
the warmth and glow when candles burn.

There's little music now, it seems,
Reminding us of manger scenes,
An angel with his clarion call:
"A Savior's born, God's gift to all."

Be not deceived by missing signs
of Jesus' birth amid the fray
Of hurried shoppers, harried crowds
and everyone who's lost their way.

The angel's call is clear and true:
"The Savior comes with life for you."
Grasp on to Him, accept His gift
And blessed you'll be with life anew!

This poem won second place for the December 2017 poetry contest

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