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The Bible

by Mark Spencer © 1994

My first reading of the Bible,
Left me angry and confused.
By my lack of understanding,
I was baffled and bemused.

There was no insightful moment.
No epiphany to find.
I thought I'd never understand!
Then a vision filled my mind.

The vision sat me on a log
Near the most amazing lake.
It had to be some kind of dream,
But my mind felt wide awake.

There beside me sat a stranger
Clad in robes from head to toe.
With a voice that shook the heavens,
He asked: "What troubles you so?"

"I don't understand the Bible,"
I said: "it confuses me."
He pointed at the lake ahead,
And He asked: "What do you see.

I told Him: "I just see a lake,"
although every inch was scanned.
"That's the Bible." The Lord explained.
I said: "I don't understand!"

Then He asked me to walk over,
Open up my heart and mind,
Put my head into the water,
And prepare for what I'd find.

What I saw took me by surprise,
I was startled by the sight,
Such wonders beneath the surface,
All aglow with holy light.

I slowly walked back to the log,
Still reeling from the view.
He said: "That too is the Bible."
And then suddenly…I knew.

I saw the Bible like the lake,
Just the surface of a book!
To see the wonders underneath,
One must take a deeper look.

For if you only see the words,
You may never reach your goal.
To understand the works of God,
You must see them with your soul.

And in this way you'll comprehend,
An insightful point of view.
'Neath the surface of the Bible,
God's Word will speak to you.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.