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Poems by Mark Spencer

poem count: 57 | pages: 7 | first place: 3 times | second place: 1 time | finalist: 33 times
Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?
I understand why people who acknowledge Christ's existence, but do not follow his teachings, would want to believe that everyone goes to heaven. I get it. But Jesus died for more than to let people have their unrepentant sin, and heaven too.

Sins And Misdemeanors
Without the ability to see and accept our own sins, we are not walking in the ways of Jesus. Reflection is the narrow road, and pride prevents those who know all, and can do no wrong, from finding that road. There's no second chance if that proves true!

God second in poetry contest
So many THINK they can imagine God. The bible consists of just under a million words. Some think that's enough to KNOW Him. You could take every word in every language, and multiply that sum by a trillion, and it still wouldn't be enough to know Him.

My Choice
In the end times, Satan's children will take control, using War, Famine, and Pestilence. They'll mandate a mark that none will be able to live normally without! Fear will motivate the taking of that mark, and the forcing of that mark on others!

I Thank Thee Lord finalist in poetry contest
The last Christmas will be a grim one, but the first Christmas under a new heaven, and on a new earth, will be glorious!

America’s Prayer
Whether you believe the end of days has come or not, time will reveal the truth, whether it is to your liking or not. What will be will be, and if the choices you make before that terrible day are not what they should be, then time will lay you bare.

The Lord has never forsaken Israel. He has allowed many disciplines to befall the descendants of Jacob, And He has allowed both Israel and Judah to be carried away. But He has always brought them home. He has kept a candle burning for His people.

The Passenger
A metaphor about the journey of the modern sinner.

Bless Me
A metered, rhyming prayer.